Helios – ESA Electronic Speed Controller

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Electronic speed controller for stepless speed control of single phase fans.

Multiple, different fans can be operated with a controller up to the full load capacity.  A reserve of 10% must be considered when calculating.

The minimum output voltage can be adjusted to motor characteristics via potentiometer.  Values must not fall below the lower limit for liquid motor start-up!

Overload protection from built-in fine wire fuse.

Additional connection of indicator lights or shutter possible via unregulated output.

Corresponds to EMC guidelines, DIN EN 50370, DIN EN61000 / VDE 0838,DIN EN 55014, DIN EN 60669.

Additional information

Speed Controller Type

ESA 1, ESA 10i, ESA 3, ESA 3i, ESA 5, ESA 6i, TSW 0.3, TSW 1.5, TSW 3.0, TSW 7.5