Stainless Steel Sinks & Dishwasher Tables

Bespoke stainless steel sink units and dishwasher tabling

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Stainless Steel Sink

Whether you need a single or double bowl stainless steel sink unit we manufacture to your needs.  The sink bowls are welded in place, ground and polished to match the rest of the top. Bowl sizes range from 400 x 400, 500 x 400 and 600 x 450 mm with depths of 250 or 300 mm. Large pot wash bowls are also available, these measure 750 x 500 x 380 deep. All bowls are supplied complete with a waste strainer system.

Our stainless steel sinks are supplied with stainless steel under frames which can be fitted with single of multiple under-shelves to suit your requirements.

Additional features include hinged or sliding doors and end panels.

Stainless Steel Dishwasher Tables

We also fabricate stainless steel dishwasher tables to suit any dishwasher model, from straight runs to L-shape and even U-shape.
The entry table or ‘Dirties Table’ is typically formed to allow the dishwasher baskets to slide from the table into the machine. A bowl is welded into the top so that the dirty crockery can be rinsed prior to entering the dishwasher. Full length splash-backs are fitted to protect the wall behind the bowl from splashes. The under frame can be fitted with under shelves or a space left for a scrap bin. The exit table or ‘Cleans Table’ is normally fitted with storage under for the dishwasher baskets.

On site modifications

We are able to visit your kitchen and modify your existing tabling to suit a new machine, sometimes this is a simple adjustment or it could mean the table needs to be shortened to accommodate the new machine.

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