Kitchen Make-Up Air Systems

We provide Make-Up Air systems with our extract ventilation. The Make-Up Air is introduced into the kitchen through the extract canopy itself, through the ceiling or through a wall mounted plenum depending on available space in the kitchen.


Kitchen Make-Up Air Systems as part of our commercial kitchen ventilation offering. In order for the kitchen extract system to function correctly, it is essential that an allowance is made for the provision of replacement or make-up air. This is achieved either by introducing mechanical supply air, or by making provision for natural infiltration (DW/172). This is particularly important when gas burning appliances are used in the kitchen. In this instance it is required to comply with gas regulations.

All our systems include a filter system to ensure incoming air is not contaminated with airborne debris. If required the incoming air can also be heated.

Make-up air can be introduced into the kitchen as follows.

  • Through a perforated face or diffuser grilles mounted in the canopy face
  • A separate plenum located elsewhere in the kitchen
  • Ceiling grilles
  • A combination of the above