Stainless Steel Catering Tables

At Corhaven we fabricate stainless steel tables, sink units, wall shelving as well as many bespoke units tailored for the individual commercial kitchen.


All our stainless steel catering tables are fabricated using 304-grade brush finish stainless steel through out.  We do not use the inferior 430-grade stainless steel that many companies use.

We can add to our tables and sink units under-counter utensil drawers, sliding or hinged doors.  A single shelf under is standard, but we can add as many shelves as required.  You could have an open space instead to fit a bin or a fridge for example.  If required we can also fit over-shelves or ingredients shelves to your table.  All units are fitted as standard with adjustable feet but as an alternative, castors can be fitted for a mobile unit.

If you have a particular design in mind give us a call and together we can go through your requirements before we fabricate.  Remember none of our stainless steel catering tables are flimsy off the shelf types that you have to build yourself!