Stainless Steel Wall Cladding

Stainless steel wall cladding is normally fitted below our extract canopies to protect the walls from the heat of the cooking equipment.

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Stainless steel wall cladding is fitted below our extract canopies during installation.  This protects the walls from the heat of the cooking equipment and also provides an easy to clean hygienic surface.

Stainless steel can also be retro-fitted below an existing hood to cover over broken tiles etc.  We can also clad an entire room if required.  We have the capability to bend and form the sheet to provide neat edges around columns and pillars.  Stainless steel divider bars and cap ends are also used to provide a very neat finish.

We only use high quality 304-grade 0.9mm thick stainless steel for our wall cladding.  Normally brushed finish stainless steel is used, but often in kebab or burger outlets we have fitted circular polish stainless steel which can look very effective.

Fixed to the wall using stainless

Simply give us a call and we will carry out a survey and give a quotation for your requirements.


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